Nicholle Eubank

Administrative Specialist

Professional Background

Nicholle has been an active member of the Ardmore community since 2007. She graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation and has over 10 years of administrative experience. 

Her work in education, legal, and medical environments has made her a well-rounded person and that experience contributes to our CGA culture. Her organization skills and love for talking to people makes her the perfect fit to keep our Ardmore office running smoothly. 

When asked about her experiences working at Corner Greer, she replied with the following:

“Working at CGA has given me a real appreciation for the design process and all the little details that go into everything. I have really been surprised about the technical stuff that people wouldn’t think was a big deal, but they matter when it comes to the process of drawing up the plans. I love watching the contractors execute the plans the way they are laid out. Something I find interesting about our clients and the industry is that there are so many options available to our clients. I had no idea there was so much that goes into this process and I think clients are also surprised by this. It can be overwhelming sometimes. I appreciate everything about architecture now. I never knew anything about this field prior to working at CGA and I’m amazed every day. We never stop learning!”


Bachelor of Science, Southeastern Oklahoma State University