Murray State College

  • Location

  • Tishomingo, OK
  • Completed

  • In Progress

The proposed Agriculture/Science Building, designed by CGA, is a freestanding facility that will have approximately 24,000 square feet on ground level and 20,000 square feet on the upper level. The ground level will house multiple teaching labs, classrooms, offices and a 200-seat lecture hall. Roomy lab spaces for Chemistry, Microbiology and Biology, along with standard classroom spaces will be located on the upper level. The building floor plan will include flexible areas outside the classrooms. These areas are totally glassed in “think tanks” where students can collaborate with professor and/or other students.
Both levels will enjoy an open two level entry space with an insulated skylight arch to bring filtered light into the spaces. As students and visitors walk through the facility they will be able to view wildlife and other student displays in glass enclosures.