25 June 2018

Riverton School District storm shelter construction projects

By Kheslleen Dimanche


The project is part of a $12.35 million bond, which includes storm shelters, a multi purpose activity center and four classrooms. The bond also includes ready activation doors, which will automatically unlock in the case of an emergency or severe weather during the night and on the weekends. School leaders say they currently have wind shelters, which were built in 1983. The superintendent says after the Joplin and Duquesne tornado, he felt the school needed something more reliable.

"If you look back at what occurred in Joplin with the with the tornado there, and the damage we saw in the aftermath of that, it caused us to kind of reevaluate the situation here at Riverton schools," said Todd Berry, Riverton School District Superintendent.

School officials say the goal is to have the shelters completed this fall.
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