Stilley Law


Joplin, MO



At just 1,800 sf, Stilley Law packs a lot of design punch in a small footprint. Clean masonry, brick, and metal panels blend in a modern form while bold signage adds character and prominence to the small structure.

Central elements to the interior design theme of Stilley Law were security and exclusivity, with a nod to the traditional trimmings of a law office. Security was achieved in giving the reception staff a secret door to the back corridor and allows for the openness and conversational nature of a front lobby without compromising security. 

Selected finishes and lighting have an established, old-world aesthetic with a fresh and luxurious appeal. Moody colors, veined marble, and leather elements add a traditional touch to modern millwork and wainscoting. The client’s addition of famous mugshots, vibrant art, modern furnishings, and a pool table / conference table contributes to the exclusive vibe of the space.