Joplin High School Interim 11th and 12th Grade Campus


Joplin, MO



An abandoned big box retail space was selected for this adaptive reuse project which houses 1,200 11th and 12th grade students. The design for the interim high school integrates 21st century learning environments, which feature flexible classroom and social spaces and many opportunities for interconnectivity. These features were important for utilizing all of the space available and creating new learning opportunities for students.

Corner Greer and partner Architect, DLR Group were awarded the 2012 CEFPI James D MacConnell Award for their work on this project.

Comments from CEFPI MacConnell Juror Amy Yurko, BrainSpaces: “While the project is astounding in its against-all-odds success story, more importantly it illustrates an incredible and fast paced process to create a spectacular learning environment for students. The innovative outcome is a testament to the commitment and creativity of all involved.”